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I have a Juniper/Barclays credit card and I have a balance on mine. I never missed a payment or paid late or purchased over my limit.

I miscalculate the interest accrual and went over my limit by not even $10.00. They increased my rate to a ridiculous 24.24%.

I contacted them in July 2009 due to this issue.

They credited my account for the increase in the APR for the month and told me they put my interest rate back to my original 8.99%. I thought it was finished until I got my online statement for August 2009 showing again the ridiculous 24.24%.

When I contacted them they stated that they would not change my interest rate and that it did not show in their system, but when I showed them the credits from July and information provided to me in July the Barclays customer service told me they would not do anything and I was stuck with the ridiculous APR.

I am paying off the card and passing on to everyone to BOYCOTT the Juniper/Barclays Bank of Delaware Company due to Lies, Unreasonable, and Terrible Customer Relations.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We had a similar problem with Juniper/Barclays Bank.Our card had several small fraudalent charges on it in Feb.2014.

We immediately called and were told they would be removed and no late fees applied while process takes place. It is now 6 mos, 8 phone calls,(each time assured that the person on phone had the authority to make the necessary adjustments) more late fees later and nothing has been done. On top of that we continue to receive Barclay AND Juniper statements which have the same chgs. Everyone we talk with assures us the account will DEFINITELY be adjusted immediately.

Needless to say, their customer service is all talk and no action.This a nightmare...one hand doesn't know what the other hand does....customer service is appallingly bad.

Bronx, New York, United States #695213

I too am a victim of the JUNIPER SCAM.I've had Juniper since 2006.

I was given a 8.99% interest. I paid my bill on the last day of the month it was due but I paid it at 7:30PM (EASTERN STANDARD TIME). They charged me a LATE FEE of $35.00 and moved my interest rate to 24.99%. I called them up screaming and they said something along the lines of "I had until 7PM that day to make the payment." I asked for a one time waiver, they said NO and KEPT MY INTEREST AT 24.99% EVER SINCE!

I'm stuck between I have had Juniper since 2006 and do not want to CLOSE the account b/c then I'd be shooting myself in the foot with my credit history. On the other hand, JUNIPER IS A TOTAL RIP OFF and will NEVER KEEP A BALANCE ON THE CARD AGAIN! To keep the account open, I put a $10.00 purchase every few months and IMMEDIATELY pay it off. BUYER BEWARE!


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I was considering opening an account at Barclays Bank. After reading the review by the Credit card customer, I've definitely changed my mind. I refuse to do business with companies who do this kind of thing. Jumping the interest rate on a Credit card from 8.0+ to 24,0+ is terrible.

THANK YOU for posting this Bank's unfair practices!!!!!


I was asked to apply for the card by my son in law who needed to get an iPad for school.I never gave him the card or any of the information and destroyed the card.

The card was also never activated. He however being very computer literate went on line, activated the card, and used it to the tune of 8grand. I only found out when he was late making a payment. So no only is he over the limit and late but he had an outrageous bill to pay and a huge interest rate.

I'm saved since I reported it as fraudulant card use. I have never even seen a bill but the Bank waited until January to contact me. Its their fault too for activating the card on-line. So they either pay off the card or go to jail for credit card fraud.

I can't believe he would do this to me.

I'm beside myself. I'm retiring so I don't need this albatross around my neck. All the crab he drove the balance up was bought via PayPal. Well, its now a dead card.

I cancelled it.If you have open cards with no balance and don't intend to use them, close them or this could happen to you.


Barclays took over the US Airways Dividend Miles Master Card from Bank of America, my interest went from 9% to 24.9% for no reason.They told me if I paid for six months they would bring it back down to 9%.

It has been over nine months and I have never been late for over five years. I called to get it lowed, and was advised they would only go to 21.9%. This was a slap in my face. So much for the government getting the bailed out credit company under control.

I will not use US Airline or this card.



Please go and check out their standing with the BBB of Delaware.They have an A+ rating with them.

I find that VERY hard to believe after researching this company's violations of consumer protection laws. I did this because they called my work 3 times in a 6 week period AFTER being told in writting not to call me there twice!

I think most people go to the FTC and Delaware Attorney Generals to file on CC companies.Not the BBB, but should start going there too.


They screwed me over, to. Instead of 8.99% at the end of the 0% grace period,they raised it to nearlyTWENTY-FIVE PERCENT! :(


I too have been shafted by this CC company.They charged a 79.00 annual fee, and when i protested, they lowered it to $49.00.

I asjed what my total balance was and sent them a payment for the total. i was then hit with a finance charge for not paying in full. I tried to call and speak with someone, but was sent to India, where I was cut off three times and finally called to cancel the card. They don't care!

We bail these greedy jerks out of trouble and they outsource all customer service to another country!It is despicable how there is no recourse for the consumer and banks are allowed to gouge their customers with impunity.


I have a Seamiles credit card from Juniper/Barkley Bank.I bought the Account Protection Plan, on my account to protect me if I am injured or Disabled.

I became 100% Disabled in April 2009. I am getting a big run around from them. 1. I have to summit a form from my Doctor every month.

(Even though I summited my Social Security Award letter Stating that I am 100% disabled.) This costs me $30.00 a month to have a doctor fill out a form with the same information over & over.

2. Then I have a problem with the bank itself. Every month they summit a amount owed at around $95.00.

of which $60.00 is taken for interest. Which means my principle goes down about $40.00 a month. At this rate they will only be paying off a few hundred dollars after 24 months. My Balance is only $3600.00, the bank will be making about $1440.00 in interest.

I received a letter telling me that if you are 100% disabled that they will pay off all up to $10,000.00. When I called about I was told I didn't quailify.

The bank is getting rich and I will still have to pay around $3000.00.You do everything to protect yourself and you still dumped on.


I've had this card for 18months and have NEVER ever been late on a payment, and do use the online form for payment.

The payment posts at 7pm that day and on the next day an email arrives that the payment was posted to your account.

I went to make a purchase and found out that there was hardly any credit available! They charge a $79 annual fee - the card does have airline points, but to keep the entire payment as what I regard "hostage" for up to 10 days is ludicrous!

I spoke with at least 5 different people including supervisors and one told me that it would take 24-48 hrs, while the last said 10 days. Then she threatened to CLOSE my account.

This Bank definitely is one to stay away from and alert your friends to do the same.

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